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About Us

Kaos Kreations was developed under the premise that the company would be helping it's members gain control over their lives... over what was lost and needing to be regained; however, not everyone has experienced freedom...not everyone has known sovereignty.


So, Kaos Kreations is dedicated to helping each and every man, woman and child to feel their naturally inherent and rightfully owed personal sovereignty and sense of personal agency.


Through the tools and resources given through this website, it is the hope of the team at Kaos Kreations that the members will utilize the tools to help gain access to their lives again to restore or gain control.

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About Us

Our Story

Since even before our launching, we’ve been working tirelessly in order to expand our product line and to ensure our customers experience even an even more pleasurable experience all-around. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, yet remain 100% committed to learning to perform at an even better rate.

Our collections are carefully hand-picked and delivered. We offer generous and flexible payment and delivery options. Use the search function to browse through our product database for products and experience shopping with Kaos Kreations for yourself, and of course, please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments and/or suggestions--as we are open to any feedback our members may present us with! 

We have a spot for where handmade products will be going up, VERY SOON! Please be patient with us as a lot of the local community has access to this feature and we will be offering this to other customers soon--again please be patient. 

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Kaos kreations

Where my work is illuminative by design, discover your soul purpose on a journey with me. I am a guide, a mentor, a friend, an intuitive healer, with roots in Hermetics, Neo-paganism, Christianity, Wiccanism, and Druidry. I do not claim to know it all or be a guru or Shaman. To reach awakening, ascension, travel on your journey with me. We can travel together. You don't need to know where you're going. We can explore this together. ❤ 🤍 


Message From the CEO

"Kaos Kreations is a company started by myself in 2020 as I saw a need arising with COVID-19's rapid spread. I saw that people were struggling big-time with not only COVID but many other issues which were being perpetuated not only because of COVID, but because Politicians were playing into COVID-19 and using it against the people. Trying to divide and conquer people. They nearly won! Then there was the fact that so many people are alienating themselves due to COVID-19, so many people are just having such difficulties with everything at this time. The gifts bestowed upon my family and I during this time—we want to extend as a token of our love and gratitude to the Universe--our love to others who need it during this time. This is why Kaos Kreations was created. Out of Chaos, a whole bunch of good stuff was created. I am thankful that I have not had such extraneous circumstances that it has kept me from remaining cognitively flexible. During this time we need to come together as a unified front to demolish all of the preconceptions and misconceptions that society has as a general people toward each other by realizing their biases toward one another which is just perpetuating the trauma encountered by every one of us at some points in our lives. Systematic oppression is legitimate, human trafficking is real, and racial prejudice and marginalization is in effect and the lawmakers and politicians are doing everything in their powers to cover this fact up. At Kaos Kreation—you are taking a huge step in advancing the progression of women everywhere—in every race—at every age. Women have been subjugated for far too long by the system and by those who are around women—who are jealous and are only interested in their self-serving needs rather than the light mission of a lightworker. Join us at Kaos Kreations today and help be a part of the solution."

Willow Moon Raven

Clairsentient, Intuitive Healer, Guide, Mentor, & Friend

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